About Us


Welcome to Portland Cancer Journeys, a safe place for writers and readers to share their stories about surviving cancer and to feel a sense of connection. Here you will see how others have coped with their diagnosis, treatment, and all the changes and transitions that come from living with cancer.


In our blog you will find stories from cancer survivors, providers and care givers. As writers and cancer survivor who spent many long days on the couch feeling isolated and misunderstood by those who are not experiencing everything one goes through on the cancer journey, we wanted to create a place for people to come to see that they are not alone.


We hope writers and readers who are seeking support and connection will share their stories and comments with each other here.


Everyone is welcome to submit their story. We will not edit or change it in any way. We also do not endorse any particular point of view. We only ask that people are kind to themselves and to each other, and are respectful of other people’s experiences. Any hateful or critical posts will not be shared, and comments will be removed.


If you are a cancer survivor or care-giver who is seeking hope, inspiration or understanding, we encourage you to try writing about your experiences and sharing them here with us. You can find inspiration and exercises on our Writing To Heal page.


If you are starting your own cancer journey, we welcome you with words of support and stories of hope. We share our inspiration and joy, as well as our grief and struggle here.


We’ve also shared the articles, poetry and quotes that have inspired us and given us hope. You’ll also find our favorite memoirs and books we’ve used to navigate our diagnoses.


See our resources page for information on local support groups, cancer resources, and places to get information. If you know of an event or resource that isn’t listed here, please send it in and we’ll publish it so others can share this information.


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