The Wisdom of Sadness and Joy

My friend Dave Romanelli recently wrote an inspiring post about the wisdom of elders and how sadness is just as much a part of a rich life as joy. If you’d like to follow him on Facebook or see his videos about elder wisdom, you can find more here.   WHY SADNESS IS UNPROFESSIONAL (and by […]

Swimming Lessons, Part 2

My heart is not afraid of deep water. I make peace with the weeds that fetch swimmers in the noose of their stems. Those oily, clinging fronds, slimy against my arms and legs. Wrapping me tight, they hold my body back and keep me from completing my journey. I only wanted to reach the farther […]

Inspirational Quotes & Poems

“I give myself permission to not have it all figured out.”   “Something I’ve not done is following me I haven’t done it again and again so it has many footsteps…” — W. S. Merwin (click here to ream more Merwin)   “Gratitude softens my heart and heals my wounds.”   After Chemo, by Ronald W. […]