Good News, Bad News

I wonder why bad news sparks the compassion and humanity in all of us and brings that forward. Is it like a reset button, the flashing lights at a railroad crossing indicating, stop! Warning! Reboot? Is bad news bad if it brings out our best selves and pulls people together?


Could bad news simply mean we are on the wrong track and the good news is that we can now reset? Is the bad news a wake-up call and good news the opportunity?


Take cancer, for example, nobody is skipping down the halls with joy when they get diagnosed. Most want to know, “Will I make it? How much will I suffer?” Most talk about overwhelm and fear, hardly positive feelings.


Yet in talking with many survivors there is a common theme they describe: their journey makes them stronger, better, more evolved. They go to depths within themselves, finding healing spots along the way which make deposits into their longevity accounts.  They look beyond just the physical and engage in emotional and often spiritual understanding or healing.  So is the relationship between bad news/good news as simple as the flip side of a coin? Does the saying “every cloud has a silver lining” become a gateway for blessings and unexpected outcomes?


Shift your perception, shift your energy. This is true for many survivors. They choose life, to grasp it, navigate it, and define their journeys as whole people. They may have cancer, but it does not have them.


Everyone would like a cure, no doubt. But healing can happen while a cure is still in progress. There are many forms of healing, all which benefit the whole person. Ask a survivor and you will most often hear stories that are alight with determination, grit, creativity, openness, and hope.


Bad news ripples through families, often generations, communities, work places, social connections. It tests people’s faith, weeds out the riff raff, forms deeper relationships. It invites you to get in touch with your most authentic and higher self.


No matter how bad the news, it seems worthwhile to look for the silver lining. The good news is there.