My Secret Box of Hope and Love

Of the many things cancer has taught me, one of the most important is to ask for help. In those vulnerable moments of a cancer journey, it is the strength to ask, and the grace to receive that brings unexpected blessings.


Over the years, I have asked for help and support in the way of connection; cards, emails, poems, and I have saved every one. They are a lifeline I can tap into along my longevity pilgrimage.


When hope seems like a diminishing flame, and longevity seems bleak, I can pull out my secret box of hope and love and know that all will be well, regardless of the frustration I feel at the moment.


Over 6 years, my secret box has grown like a hermit crab looking for its next shell, her new home. I select each box carefully, preferring uplifting happy boxes with a rainbow of colors. Each time I visit it seems as though I am opening a present. Some cards and emails I remember like a cherished childhood friend. Some seem new but have been there quite a while. Each time, I am touched in a different way. I select the cards without thinking, intuitively knowing the ones I need to read.


My tribe of contributors is an eclectic lot, so my cards range from humor to spirituality and insights from enlightened souls. All are sprinkled with love.


At my meditation altar I have a poster board with my most recent cards, this board I call the wall of hope and love. It is impossible to feel lonely when looking at this wall. The hope is there, inviting me to drink it in, breathe, and continue my pilgrimage.