My Veins

You are my heroes, my unsung warriors, silent yet strong   You have been poked, prodded, burned and scarred.   You have stoically received the clear drops of medicine,   While releasing the precious drops of blood.   You are the gatekeepers, knowing the cost, knowing the reward.   You are tired, reluctant to accept […]

Cancer – 15 Years Later

i. When I get to dad’s house I see right away that he’s tired. He lets me know he’s having stomach problems today. We both know he’s over-done it this past weekend, driving up and back in the Silver Bullet to the Master’s Track & Field meet in Tumwater. Not only lugging his discus and […]

My Body, My Home

I’ve lived 57 years inside this body, my home. From the outside, it looked good for its age. But recently, the maintenance guys found a problem. Cancer was growing, like a mold that has taken root in a damp basement and was spreading into the interior walls of the house.   A plan was made […]

Vital Resources

Money and time are a balancing act.  I’m retired; the pension is small, the savings are fixed. There are a lot of things I want to do – mostly places I want to go. So, do I spend savings to travel? Will I need the money for something cancer-related? Will I need it “later”? Will […]

Swimming Lessons, Part 2

My heart is not afraid of deep water. I make peace with the weeds that fetch swimmers in the noose of their stems. Those oily, clinging fronds, slimy against my arms and legs. Wrapping me tight, they hold my body back and keep me from completing my journey. I only wanted to reach the farther […]