My Veins

You are my heroes, my unsung warriors, silent yet strong   You have been poked, prodded, burned and scarred.   You have stoically received the clear drops of medicine,   While releasing the precious drops of blood.   You are the gatekeepers, knowing the cost, knowing the reward.   You are tired, reluctant to accept […]

Cancer – 15 Years Later

i. When I get to dad’s house I see right away that he’s tired. He lets me know he’s having stomach problems today. We both know he’s over-done it this past weekend, driving up and back in the Silver Bullet to the Master’s Track & Field meet in Tumwater. Not only lugging his discus and […]

The Courage Test

I take a seat in a La-Z-Boy recliner and wait. I haven’t been to the acupuncture clinic in over a year, but this morning the place reels me in like a dazed fish. I simply don’t know how to do anything else. The large, open room is dimly lit and dotted with well-worn recliners. Most […]

The Human Body At Peace…

“The human body at peace with itself is more precious than the rarest gem.  Cherish your body. It is yours this one time only. The human form is one with great difficulty. It is easy to lose. All worldly things are brief, like lightening in the sky. This life you must know as the tiny […]

The Paradox

As he lay in the bed at home, I watched him see the beautiful sights in his mind – a setting along a peaceful drive, surrounded by trees he told me.   I knew he was describing a perfect place.  Serene, restful, free of the bounds of the pain that wreaked havoc on his body […]

Inspirational Quotes & Poems

“I give myself permission to not have it all figured out.”   “Something I’ve not done is following me I haven’t done it again and again so it has many footsteps…” — W. S. Merwin (click here to ream more Merwin)   “Gratitude softens my heart and heals my wounds.”   After Chemo, by Ronald W. […]