The Funeral

A funeral. Sarah, the mother of seven-year-old Ingrid, has died. Sarah was in treatment, and mostly at work, until a couple of weeks before. She was stoic, didn’t talk much about her illness and treatment beyond the bare facts. She thought she was going to be in an immunotherapy clinical trial, but at the last […]

The Paradox

As he lay in the bed at home, I watched him see the beautiful sights in his mind – a setting along a peaceful drive, surrounded by trees he told me.   I knew he was describing a perfect place.  Serene, restful, free of the bounds of the pain that wreaked havoc on his body […]

The Wisdom of Sadness and Joy

My friend Dave Romanelli recently wrote an inspiring post about the wisdom of elders and how sadness is just as much a part of a rich life as joy. If you’d like to follow him on Facebook or see his videos about elder wisdom, you can find more here.   WHY SADNESS IS UNPROFESSIONAL (and by […]

Lost Something?

Lost something? Ask for help from St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things. “Tony, Tony come around, something’s lost and must be found.” He can help you find your glasses or your keys or that paper you were just now reading, or even your toast. How do you lose your toast? It gets easier with […]